About Us

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of ingredients the average bar of soap is made up of? For centuries we as humans have always used ingredients from nature, and only recently has our society shifted to all these harmful chemicals. In order to preserve the life of soaps and minimize the costs, unnecessary chemicals are often added – but there is no need for this. With skin being our largest organ in the body, its vital that we are more cautious about what we allow it to absor

 Here at TrustumSoap we believe that what we put onto our body is just as important as what we put inside of it and so we only use natural, simple ingredients in our soaps. Handmade in Springfield, Arkansas, we aim to provide you with toxin-free soaps that's good for your skin.

Our Staple Ingredients:

Our Goals

Our goal is to inspire people to be more conscious about their skincare. We also hope to be able to inspire you to make these products at home. In addition to the handmade natural soaps, we offer all the ingredients you would need to do it yourself. We want to show you that making natural products at home doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. Whether you have time to spare or live a busy lifestyle, you can easily incorporate natural soaps into your life.

We hope you join us on this journey of making better choices – one bar of soap at a time.

 - TrustumSoap team