Welcome to our very first blog post!

Canadian Trustumsoap Company uses historical hot soap making process to bring eco-friendly soap made from only natural ingredients to your bathroom.

Natural and ecological - each of our soaps contain a combination of natural plant oils and natural additives.

Our soap makers use only natural plant oils and lye which have been used in soap making for centuries. The lye (ash used in the past) used to saponify the oils in our soaps gives them their cleaning qualities and does not remain in the final product after the saponification process. 

 We do not use:

  • chemicals: sodium lauryl sulfate or other artificial frothing agents,
  • animal ingredients: milk, beeswax
  • palm oil,
  • colorants: oxides, micas,
  • wine, beers

While we grow, we are committed to remaining environmentally friendly by using recyclable packaging and sustainable stocking materials. We also proudly support local and international initiatives against the pollution of our Earth.

In future blog posts we will be sharing our philosophy, goals, business model, healthy lifestyle, soap making history, about types of basic and specialty oils and more!

We are also excited to hear from you any suggestions for topics that you want us to cover … so share them in the comments section below and we hope you enjoy reading on!

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